Welcome to the Future Quest Island Toolkit and Teaching Guide

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Future Quest Island is designed around national and state college and career readiness standards to assist all middle school students in preparing for high school and life beyond with online activities that promote student self-discovery, advocacy, exploration, organization, and technology literacy skills.

The Future Quest Island Teaching Toolkit (TT) is designed to provide teachers with information on how to successfully implement Future Quest Island, a project funded by the Federal Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP). In this toolkit, teachers can access the recommended scope and sequence of teaching units, including lesson plans and supplemental lesson plans that promote college and career readiness with middle school students. Teachers should fill out the Implementation Checklist located as an activity (for teacher's only) in each unit before moving onto the next unit. The Implementation Checklist allows teachers to give feedback on each teaching unit on quality, relevance, and usefulness as it applies to implementing college & career readiness activities into the curriculum.

Please click on Teaching Units: Scope & Sequence to follow the recommended implementation schedule and activities that align with college and career readiness goals and objectives.


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